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Linda Liberatore

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Linda Liberatore

Linda is the Author of Daily Inspirations to Achieve Your Real Estate Investment Goals: Begin Each Morning Focused on Your Real Estate, Investment, and Management Goals. She discusses a bridge management solution for landlords and Property Owners.






In 2012 Goettling & Fronti, through the nationally recognized Real Estate Radio Network, created “The Don & Gino Real Estate & Finance Show” to refresh conversations about the real estate and financial markets today. Their radio show can be heard every Saturday at 9AM to 10AM on AM 1220 KHTS in Santa Clarita CA. The shows can be heard and watched live on featuring their take on the real estate and finance world as well as their featured guests that are the very top real estate and financial professionals available who share timely information with the general public. “The Don and Gino Real Estate & Finance Show” gives the public access to the very best real estate agents, CPA’s, bankruptcy attorneys, estate and financial planners and more incredible experts. Goettling and Fronti see their radio show as an educational opportunity to connect the best and brightest industry professionals with individuals at every level of understanding of the real estate industry. Fronti and Goettling take calls and questions from across the country as a way to help people through the often overwhelming processes of purchasing and financing real estate.

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