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Chris Ingram on Choosing The Right Financial Advisor for You.

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Chris Ingram,Ingram Financial Solutions, 661-255-9555×116, [email protected], 23734 Valencia Blvd. Suite #301-A, Valencia CA 91355. Financial Advisor, Chris Ingram shares that there are many philosophies when it comes to financial planning and it is important to find the advisor that shares your philosophies and one that you TRUST. When you have trust and faith in your Advisor, allow them to manage your financial portfolios as they take an educated and rational approach to your finances without emotions guiding them., the vault, skyline home loans 27441 Tourney Rd # 100 Valencia, CA 91355, National Real Estate café,, text: NRECafe5885, , purchase, refinance, home loans, mortgage loans, financial, The Don and Gino Radio Show, Don Goettling & Gino Fronti, 855-donandgino, (855-366-4466 Seg. #4