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Taylor Kellstrom, from Professional Motorcross Racer to the youngest SCV Man of the Year Nominee .

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Taylor Kellstrom, SCV Book Exchange, 661-714-8915, Don & Gino speak to the youngest nominee at 25 years old of the SCV Man of the Year award, Taylor Kellstrom. Find out how this former professional motocross racer turned successful business owner, entrepreneur and philanthropist found success., the vault, skyline home loans 27441 Tourney Rd # 100 Valencia, CA 91355, National Real Estate café,, text: NRECafe5885, , purchase, refinance, home loans, mortgage loans, financial, The Don and Gino Radio Show, Don Goettling & Gino Fronti, 855-donandgino, (855-366-4466 )-December 5, 2015-seg.-1