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Professional Life Insurance Scott Zimmerman with over 20 yrs of experience, financed life insurance, life settlements, business succession planning, 818-377-7760 , [email protected], 1 out of 2 people will need insurance, the cost increases as you age so you want to purchase it when your younger and healthy, New policy= life ins with long term care attachment which gives you benefit of both life ins. As well as long term care in one policy. Should you need long term care you could tap into your policy up to 2% per month and any unused portion gets paid out in a death benefit. Key man insurance- protects remaining business partner & families of both business partners., the vault, skyline home loans 27441 Tourney Rd # 100 Valencia, CA 91355, National Real Estate café,, text: NRECafe5885, , purchase, refinance, home loans, mortgage loans, financial, The Don and Gino Radio Show, Don Goettling & Gino Fronti, 855-donandgino, (855-366-4466 )